Analyse and accelerate adoption of therapies

Harnessing real-life data to advance healthcare

Explore how Galenus Health can support pharmaceutical companies to accelerate the market adoption of therapies and drugs within the applicable clinical guidelines. We do this through the leverage of digital, educational and real-life data related solutions.

Scientific Research Services

Obtain unbiased scientific evidence and insights & find out how patients respond to therapies in daily practice

We can help you to: 

•          understand response to treatment and patient eligibility to novel therapies in daily practice
•          select fast and effective patients in clinical development

Launch Support Services

Gain more precision in launching through real-life data

Our therapy launch services bring critical real-life and digitally-enabled market insights to gain more precisions throughout all aspects of launch strategy and management.

We can help you to: 

•          seize market opportunities
•          build marketing muscle with real-life patient and physician insights
•          reveal physician readiness barriers and tailor physician engagement strategy
•          obtain insights in patients’ needs and raise disease awareness

Therapy Adoption & Patient Access Services

Improve patient access & accelerate therapy adoption

Our therapy adoption and patient access services bring a precisely targeted, proactive and scalable approach while assuring data privacy and regulatory compliance.

We can support in: 

•          proactive identification of patients
•          personalized education of patients
•          physician decision support and education
•          care pathway transformation and patient notification
•          real-life patient outcome monitoring